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Retrospective bans for diving 23:38 - May 18 with 349 viewsLeadbelly

I confess I was somewhat ambivalent when I first heard about this but Sam Allardyce has called the proposals "utter rubbish" and put forward a very limp case for why it shouldn't happen. Thanks Sam...I'm now all for it!

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Retrospective bans for diving on 11:13 - May 19 with 332 viewsnoah4x4

After watching the awful Darren Deadman award Luton a penalty last night after a blatant dive I am all for it to stop the cheats.

But it cannot be easy for referees. For example, at Accrington the referee was about to book Denny Johnson for diving until he realised his simulation was so realistic he landed on a stretcher and was disabled for the rest of the season. Should have been a penalty.

But should we blame referees assistants? The woman lino at Luton last night was either shocking or Deadman was ignoring her????? The officials at this notable match need proper analysis as a brilliant play off semifinal was nearly marred by injustice.

Retrospective bans for diving on 18:47 - May 19 with 309 viewsbwildered

No easy answer to this, has long has players get away with it, diving WILL continue, only the best will survive even with the best officials.
Is there more diving than grabbing kit, taking one for the team, time wasting and faking injury ?

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Retrospective bans for diving on 20:43 - May 19 with 300 viewswessex_exile

I have previously advocated what would be essentially a time-out entitlement for managers, aggrieved by specific decisions, three per match and no more, where a video referee could review footage and confirm what happened. Frankly, it possibly wouldn't take up too much more time than that spent by players surrounding a ref and haranguing him, and as an interesting twist, managers sent to the stands could lose whatever is left of their entitlement in the process.

Of course, this would require sufficient cameras at appropriate locations in order to allow it to work properly, which would likely not only be a financial burden on smaller clubs, but possibly a physical impossibility for those still playing in 2 or 3 sided grounds. Doubtless the FA wouldn't want the credibility of referees or assistants undermined by having immediate decisions reversed too often, but thugby seems to cope pretty well regardless (accepted that it is the referee who calls for the TMO in those cases, not the manager).

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