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Ugly bitter fans by WessiehomesPete 18 Dec 18:26
edit: I have friends in Colch who have issues towards towns and cities
443519 Dec 16:31
by WessiehomesPete
NFL PL week 14 My Raiders win!! by WessiehomesPete 19 Dec 5:28
RSCO's complaint seems to suggest I should win my first title ever in
Bryn and Bill interview Anthony Clavane NEW LINKS! by BrynandBill 18 Dec 9:45
Hi Friends and Listeners, We are happy as the Us embark on a run an
New signing by Blue4U2 17 Dec 12:48
I see the Col U official has listed a new player - Gurtis Kuthrie!!!
122617 Dec 13:02
by durham_exile
Happy League 2016/17 Week 19 (of 38) - Deadline 15.00 Saturday [ 2 ] by mfb_cufc 10 Dec 23:52
[b]Week 18 Results BARNSLEY 2 NORWICH 1[/b] Barnsley secured a fir
2678117 Dec 12:41
by Blue4U2
More Mum stories, she always gives me £1000 to travel by WessiehomesPete 17 Dec 6:05
My granddad was an actual moonshiner. Mum bought 10 lbs, yes, 10 lbs o
Here's what his son does 4 his Mum 4 Xmas: Nina Ricci & bathrobe by WessiehomesPete 15 Dec 20:11
A red bathrobe. Omaha steaks (tenderloins), 2 Nina Ricci's. Slippers,.
527717 Dec 0:28
by WessiehomesPete
Homosexuality in football by wessex_exile 13 Dec 21:23
An interesting article on the BBC Sport website, associated with John
431615 Dec 18:02
by WessiehomesPete
Christmas story, Peter the shoplifter .. Happy Christmas All! *silly dumb read by WessiehomesPete 14 Dec 18:11
I was in high school and didn't have a lot of money. I shoplifted a bo
117214 Dec 20:12
by noah4x4
Got rid of Twitter. Media and downsizing by WessiehomesPete 14 Dec 10:51
Beginning, was beginning, to feel saturated. I literally haven't ev
We do have NFL fans,.. FOUR games in 2017! :D by WessiehomesPete 14 Dec 5:05
The Jacksonville Jaguars who are basically London's team are back.
Wessex in top 3 Burnsie and Basher ? by mrhappy 11 Dec 19:50
A blast from the past has appeared ....The exile man ! Well I never
115513 Dec 16:23
by burnsieespana
Not intentionally by bwildered 13 Dec 11:01
Shock horror - Man City player and Muslim Yaya Toure, gets a drink dr
119113 Dec 11:23
by wessex_exile
Harry Lennon by mfb_cufc 7 Dec 21:51 A 21 year-old (will be 22 next week).
731713 Dec 11:09
by bwildered
An apology.............................. by gerry_us 11 Dec 21:34 particular to MFB for deserting the Happy League. I have explain
528412 Dec 16:53
by WessiehomesPete
Mansfield Town v Super U's Durham's view by durham_exile 11 Dec 22:52
The Super U’s under JM’s management made the 159-mile journey to M
530312 Dec 14:13
by Pinault_Noir
Prediction League - Score wrong way around? by RSCOSWORTH 11 Dec 20:19
Is the score for the Cheltenham game in the Prediction League the wron
112712 Dec 13:43
by wessex_exile
Super U's to leave Stags in a rut at Field Mill on Saturday by durham_exile 9 Dec 16:30
After an enforced two-week layoff, JM takes his revitalised charges to
1045211 Dec 20:40
by Pinault_Noir
NFL PL Wk 12 (NFL Wk 14) .. MFB_CUFC's Pick-11, deadline: Sun 11 Dec @ 18:00 by WessiehomesPete 6 Dec 20:07
[b]BROMLEYU[/b] with a fabulous 9 points (6-1) in a week when it was o
822811 Dec 18:27
by WessiehomesPete
Is the ambition lost? by WessiehomesPete 10 Dec 18:51
Mid table mediocrity? League 2 just fine? I listened on U's Pl
224011 Dec 14:13
by WessiehomesPete
Happy League 2016/17 Week 18 (of 38) - Deadline 15.00 Saturday by mfb_cufc 3 Dec 18:08
[b]Week 17 Results CRYSTAL PALACE 3 SOUTHAMPTON 0[/b] Two goals fr
2551110 Dec 13:46
by Daniel
Fascinating story about ESPN's decline (Sky Sports related) by WessiehomesPete 10 Dec 5:09
I honesty can't muster the interest in the Prem. It's kind of fun to w
Mummer, she had 1 wish for xmas; your xmas wish by WessiehomesPete 8 Dec 17:31
Mum's gotta love em. As a kiddo I made Christmas lists. Now I ask her
The Happy Cup 2016/17--Round 2 of 3, MFB_CUFC's Pick-6, Deadline 2 or 3 December [ 2 ] by WessiehomesPete 8 Nov 20:46
[b]WESSEX_EXILE[/b] had an unbelievable Round 1, two 3-pointers and 3
3311778 Dec 16:34
by WessiehomesPete
Camul by wessex_exile 2 Dec 20:14
There will be many who remember Camul posting here, and more recently
43508 Dec 11:54
by burnsieespana
Let's hope... by Leadbelly 7 Dec 12:48
he inherited his singing voice from his dad.
22057 Dec 22:14
by Leadbelly
NFL PL Week 11.. Pete's finally in 1st, DL: 4 Dec @ 18:00 MFB's Pick-9 by WessiehomesPete 29 Nov 16:20
For the first time in a decade it appears I may be onward to my first
123656 Dec 17:04
by thrillseeker
Neil Kelly the voice of the BBC Us commentary on Colne Radio by BrynandBill 5 Dec 18:33
Hi Message Boarders Listen here to LIVE show number 9 and the new
League 2 today by wessex_exile 3 Dec 16:40
Only two matches, but both going reasonably well for us at the moment
32224 Dec 20:00
by wessex_exile
Jonestones by TheOldOakTree 3 Dec 13:35
I am so glad that you have posted to clear the air, and no I am not of
All you have to do is ignore or block the people you don’t like. by TheOldOakTree 28 Nov 11:28
….all you have to do is ignore or block the people you don’t like.
94993 Dec 13:26
by TheOldOakTree
Happy League 2016/17 Week 17 (of 38) - Deadline 15.00 Saturday [ 2 ] by mfb_cufc 27 Nov 0:33
[b]Week 16 Results BURNLEY 1 MANCHESTER CTY 2[/b] Aguero scored bo
265303 Dec 11:34
by Blue4U2
11622 Dec 15:43
by WessiehomesPete
As if we need more terrible news in football, pedophiles by WessiehomesPete 1 Dec 17:22
Complacent, hidden culture, the story is moving forward with one playe
12182 Dec 13:05
by mrhappy
Brazilian Football by burnsieespana 29 Nov 11:53
What a dreadful crash and reminds us of the terrible night Man United
42451 Dec 17:09
by WessiehomesPete
Essex Senior Cup by noah4x4 29 Nov 22:46
U's 6 - 0 Witham Bonne (hat trick) Dunne Sherriff Not sure about t
124430 Nov 18:46
by bwildered
Nutter butters, Christmas thread... by WessiehomesPete 30 Nov 18:44
My dad wants war movies, my mum wants those Ozzie fluffy boots. My nie
Let's go side topic... Grateful For Christmas... and for 2017. We're staying up by WessiehomesPete 30 Nov 16:23
I have no side topic... Colchester mates, best EVER... read on... You
Olly Murs to perform at WHCS by noah4x4 28 Nov 14:03
No disrespect to the lad, but he is hardly in the same league as Elton
1748030 Nov 16:17
by Fruitbat
Rail tickets, some of you will have a laugh at Pete by WessiehomesPete 29 Nov 19:50
I have spent about 2 hours with no success to get a first class rail t

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