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Wynter Joins Maidstone
at 16:40 4 Aug 2017

Confirmed on the club's site.

Does and doesn't suprise me. Like Bonne, he had limited chances, but not a move i'd've expected on the eve on the season.
Chuckaturd Trophy
at 13:56 13 May 2017

The competition is going to continue with under 21 sides for at least another two years.
Average squad age
at 13:12 20 Feb 2017

Came across this interesting set of stats and graphics on player ages across the leagues. Unsuprisingly we have the youngest in the league.

Leeds 1971
at 15:57 14 Feb 2017

Yesterday was 46 years since our famous giant killing. Does the result still have the same sparkle these days, what with topflight clubs not taking the competition seriously these days and Leeds not being the club they once were?

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Wessiehomes/Barside Pete
at 00:08 14 Feb 2017

I have reluctantly pressed the big red BAN button. I say reluctantly as the board has always been good at moderating itself and I had hoped Pete would have got the message from other users and reined in his posts.

Away from the board I had warned him and naively trusted him when he said he was going to remove himself from the board and/or only post on topic.

I'm not sure if this will be a permanent or temporary ban. I may leave this for you to decide by way of a poll. For now though, I apologise that I left it so long to put a stop to his nonsense.

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ColU and the UK
at 09:51 26 Jun 2016

I've spotted a trend, let's start with the late 80s...

Thatcher's reign eventually leads to ColU falling out of the football league.

Thatcher goes, ColU win promotion back to the football league.

The Tories reign ends, Labour take power, ColU get promoted to Division 2.

Great times ahead, the UK gets stronger, ColU get promoted to the Championship.

2008, the bubble bursts! Relegation for ColU, recession for the UK.

The Tories get elected in, public spending cut, ColU spending cut.

2016, ColU relegated, the UK to exit the EU.

No one knows what the hell is ahead, but it doesn't look good
Barsidepete Banned
at 18:12 12 Jun 2016

Enough is enough. I have taken the decision to give Pete a hiatus from the site and cleaned up some of his drivel and insults of the past few days.

Enjoy a nonsense free zone til the end of the month, then I'll open a vote to see it we'll welcome him back.
Fourth Round on TV
at 16:37 13 Jan 2016

I understand that BT Sport have pencilled our game in for their lunchtime showing on the 30th January. Yet to be confirmed though.
Fourth Round Draw
at 10:02 11 Jan 2016

Having a quick skim through the teams left in, these are my preferences:

1 Watford  - Maybe
2 West Bromwich Albion or Bristol City  - No
3 West Ham United  - Yes
4 Derby County  - No
5 Exeter City or Liverpool  - Maybe
6 Tottenham Hotspur or Leicester City  - Yes
8 Peterborough United  - No
9 Northampton Town or Milton Keynes Dons  - No
10 Arsenal  - Yes
11 Newport County or Blackburn Rovers  - No
12 Ipswich Town or Portsmouth  - Maybe
13 AFC Bournemouth  - No
14 Wycombe Wanderers or Aston Villa  - Maybe
15 Sheffield Wednesday  - No
16 Oxford United  - Maybe
17 Walsall  - No
18 Bury or Bradford City  - No
19 Manchester United  - Yes
20 Everton  - Yes
21 Crystal Palace  - Yes
22 Eastleigh or Bolton Wanderers  - No
23 Nottingham Forest  - No
24 Carlisle United or Yeovil Town  - No
25 Chelsea  - Yes
26 Stoke City  - Maybe
27 Leeds United  - No
28 Shrewsbury Town  - No
29 Huddersfield Town or Reading  - No
30 Burnley  - No
31 Manchester City  - Yes
32 Hull City - No

Works out at over a 50% chance of a crap draw

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It's our fault apparently!
at 22:55 24 Nov 2015

So, Humes has come out and blamed the fans for the defeat claiming we wanted the players to fail. Genius.

Kevin McLeod - What a dick
at 12:51 20 Nov 2015

Must say I take offence at the comment "a Colchester United star in the Championship." He was never a star, he was a load of shite then too.
NAR3 opens
at 08:17 9 Apr 2015

The new section of Northern Approach Road has finally opened which means you can now drive direct to the stadium from the station without having to go round the houses.
Double negatives etc.
at 15:38 23 Dec 2014

A guy at work is rather hot on his grammar and it got me thinking about how poorly constructed some football chants are. The first one that springs to mind is: "You've never won f*ck all". Does that mean you've won loads?

Any others?
Gosport Vs U's Live Stream
at 21:35 8 Nov 2014

The game is being broadcast live elsewhere in the world and it looks like is going to have link to live video streams.

I occasionally use this site to watch games and my tip to anyone who hasn't used it before is don't click the adverts, especially any that say you need to download something.
It sounds like Dunne chose to leave...
at 00:14 2 Sep 2014

Worth listening to this from 1h 23m onwards.
Who would you choose to be the U's new captain?
at 15:15 17 Jul 2014

How many games in your lifetime?
at 19:40 3 Jul 2014

An entirely random thought... how many games (ColU or otherwise) do you think you've been to? I'm in my early thirties and started to watch the U's when I was a school kid. In the last 20 years I've barely missed a home league game and I've been to around 80 away venues. A quick 'back of the fag packet' calculation and I reckon I'm between 500-600.
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