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Colchester United v Oldham Athletic prediction logged
Thought watching U's was stressful
at 17:07 4 Aug 2020

Just watched the last afternoon's play Essex v Kent.
Essex cruising at lunch, Cookie going well.. then losing it midway through afternoon, then needing 40 to win with only two wickets left. Achieved the win without losing another wicket. Great afternoon on YouTube. Phew!
Finally famous
at 19:10 9 Jul 2020

Just noticed from the Exeter match photo that I was sitting on the right paw of Cilla the greyhound. What an honour, for Cilla obviously.

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Happy Easter everyone.
at 15:32 12 Apr 2020

Great day, sun shining and lazing on the beach.
Load of easter eggs.
Great result yesterday puts Us in automatic promotion place.
Cooky scores a century before lunch at Chelmsford.
Oh bugger....now I've woken up.

Stay safe everyone.
Everyone OK?
at 18:47 1 Apr 2020

Me? Fine, but how come I am working so much harder now than ever while being confined to home for 95% of the time?
Even the weekly shop seems a welcome relaxation!
Otherwise the garden looks great, fences newly painted and deck almost complete. I'm just trying to spin it out now as seeing me sitting in the garden for a break this afternoon there was a "suggestion" from Mrs Gerry that if I have finished the garden "the hall could do with redecoration". What bothers me is what comes after?
Roll on return of normal service.
In the meantime fellow boarders,stay safe and well and don't get conned into the complete redecorating of your home that it seems I may be commencing in the coming weeks...
What do we do Saturdays now?
at 20:35 13 Mar 2020

Looks like gardening weather and smartening up the deck.
However, can't think what will replace MFB's Happy League report late on Saturday evening.
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VAR, biggest joke EVER!
at 17:05 23 Feb 2020

Bournemouth score only for VAR to take everything back to the other end to award a penalty to Southampton at which they score.
Question?? How much further can you go back for a VAR decision...the dressing room...before the match?
Please U's, don't ever get into the Prem. It ain't football any more.
Junior is going where?
at 18:47 2 Feb 2020

I have read various threads giving the news that Junior is off to Haifa? Nothing on the official site.
What is going on at OUR club. Initially he was thought to be a gem in the making and spent time at M&T to develop. On returning to the U's he was given neither game time or the chance to prove himself. Hence he was sent to Derry for further game time for an extended period. When he returned from Derry with glowing reports and goals to his credit what does McG do?....virtually ignore him. I could maybe understand if we had bought a proven forward during the winter, but did we?
Frankly, the current management are ruining OUR club with their clueless decisions. Please don't respond with 17 undefeated run...it won't wash. With the McG's defensive philosophy we are heading for eighth or even lower.
Hopefully Ipswich may "poach" him but I suspect they would regret it very quickly but maybe, just maybe, we could get a replacement from outside of the club with some clue of how to move us forward.
Today's sweep stake
at 14:36 4 Jan 2020

Junior is on the bench. What minute in the match, if any, we he be allowed a cameo by Mc Greal?
I'm going for 82nd minute.
Seasons Greetings
at 16:30 24 Dec 2019

All I want for Xmas is U's....and nine points.

Christmas and New Year's greetings to all boarders. Here's hoping for an exhilarating second half of the season culminating in promotion....and NO, I don't mean via Wembley.
Man 2 U's 3
at 19:18 2 Nov 2019

That'll do!
De ja vu?
Spurs Tuesday...again?
at 20:26 6 Oct 2019

Are the Spurs U21's going to look for retribution for their "proper" teams' defeat or is the double on?
A new signing....Yeah!
at 17:01 22 Aug 2019

Calm down everyone. A new goalkeeping coach. What a waste of money. Do we really need one. Gerken is 36, been about for years and could easily pass on his experience to our younger keepers.
Use our newly acquired money wisely please.
They think it's all over...
at 18:57 23 Jun 2019

It is now...football as we knew it.
Just watched England v Macaroons. What a disaster totally ruined by delays for VAR. What happened to the prime rule of football, the referees decision is final..huh.
Accept that VAR can be used for obvious mistakes but when they use it and even the TV commentator suggests than an obvious penalty to England will probably be turned down as it would cause massive problems on the field. And the tackle 8 minutes into injury time? Red card every time without the use of six different TV views.
Today made me think if it is worth watching further games that is now totally controlled by invisible people hidden away in TV cabins uninterested in any emphasis on the game to a decision they take ...allegedly on behalf of the referee.
Europa League Final
at 18:12 30 May 2019

Two English Premier teams containing...
ONE English player between them......
Not good enough but will it be much better Sarurday. I doubt it though. Something has to be done to restore English national football.
[Post edited 30 May 2019 19:44]
at 17:40 26 May 2019

I see we are really looking to test ourselves in pre-season.
Tuesday 9th July - Dulwich Hamlet - Away
Tuesday 16th July - Wealdstone - Away
Friday 19th July - Ipswich Town - Home
Saturday 27th July - Dover Athletic - Away
Obviously one tricky fixture there though.
Yep.. Wealdstone.
What did you do Saturday?
at 18:23 12 May 2019

After the euphoria of the first half last Saturday but ultimately the late disappointment, what did you find to do this weekend guys...forgetting Premier league for which I have absolutely no interest being 90% foreign players and managers.
Well, Saturday serious shopping trip with Mrs Gerry (honestly) then a bowls match in the afternoon (again..honestly, playing not watching, and yes I'm old enough for bowls..just.) followed by a nice meal out in the evening. Sunday a pleasant and long walk along local sandy beach, uplifting but chilly.
So,that's my story,what's yours?
And when does the season start again? I'm bored already.
McGreal managing Essex cricket?
at 15:19 8 Apr 2019

...because it's all gone tit$ up there as well!
VAR? What a joke.
at 21:53 16 Mar 2019

No VAR at Swansea v City. Both the penalty and third goal would have proved goals should not have counted.

VAR at Wolves v United. Red card rescinded to yellow for United. Just seen the tackle and it's a brutal tackle, well worth the red card so cant believe it was overturned.

I still believe that the referee should be the only arbiter of fact on the pitch and the fact it is instantaneous means (hopefully) the "high" standing of the team is irrelevant. In both cases tonight VAR or no VAR worked in favour of the "top" teams.

How can you have two quarter finals, one with VAR and one without? Unbelievable. Kick it into touch and go back to the good old referee, or..referee the game from the stands with a TV screen. Phew...feel better now.
[Post edited 16 Mar 2019 22:35]
FG thread ... Is it me...
at 18:51 12 Mar 2019

...but has our defence tightened up since McG decided to return Eastman to his rightful place in the centre of defence? Hopefully we will find his name on the teamsheet this evening but nothing is ever certain with our method of team selection.

Eastman in the team...good omen.
[Post edited 12 Mar 2019 19:42]
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