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Luton Town v Colchester United prediction logged
Bonne scores...
at 22:06 15 Aug 2017

but the opposition score SIX.
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Colchester United v Stevenage prediction logged
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Accrington Stanley v Colchester United prediction logged
ManU and City donation
at 16:04 27 May 2017

I read with interest that the club's had donated £1m between them to the victims fund. I thought that was a nice gesture until reading today that City will pay £42m for one player. When further looking at the assets of both clubs, half a million now looks miserly in the extreme. Comparing their assets to the general public at large I estimate that would be equivalent to you and I donating less that £0.1p each of our "wealth". Come on ManU and City, step up to the plate and make a further substantial donation to your city folk. And yes, I have.
Support your local team
at 10:28 21 May 2017

Mine (Cleethorpes) yeah, Cleethorpes are at Wembley today in Vase final.
Thoughts on yesterday
at 17:32 30 Apr 2017

...from my sun lounger.
No surprise about the "abandonment" as many had predicted it. I had suggested 3 points and +10 goals..worth a try. However I believe an abandonment results in 3 points and +3goals. If we knew that why did McGreal not know it as in his negotiations with the FA and Orient boss could he not have negotiated 1-4 to give us the +3 goals instead of what was a farcical finish in the end.
IF we miss out on play-off by the margin of 1 goal we are going to look pretty silly and no amount of appeals the the FA will be any good.
Let's hope for the boss's sanity it doesn't come to that.
All on Saturday now
McGreal Wary Of Rovers:
at 19:25 13 Apr 2017

Sorry, a bit of a yawning entry to this thread. I have read the same comment on the official board so many times this season. Is he over complicating the game by spending too much time worrying about the opposition then on how we should play. I remembered the same headline when we played Notts. County away but unfortunately we had no idea how to counter their style of play...ergo why worry about the opposition? I wonder if our opposition worry about us? Probably not especially when we visit them. Let's us hope for a positive approach to ALL remaining games irrespective of the opposition. Six point weekend? I'll go on holiday rather happy.
7-1 at Carrow Road!
at 17:03 9 Apr 2017

Seems to bring back memories of a past match?
Poor display for the travelling 400
at 18:45 2 Apr 2017

An inept display, especially from me who couldn’t find the restaurant for a meet-up with Durham. Hope you got home OK Durham. Never seen you so despondent; me neither come to think of it.
However, an even more inept display from the U’s who totally underestimated a rejuvenated Notts. County side. How we didn’t have a plan to negate two very professional players in Ameobi and Stead I fail to understand. The fact that big George got himself booked inside 15 minutes certainly meant that he was unable to support Eastman as he would have liked at the back. In truth, after a long and stern talking to from the referee, George, within a couple of minutes went through with a tackle that I was convinced would result in a red card; fortunately, only yellow. After that Ameobi and Stead won everything up front and probably 3-1 loss rather flattered the U’s. One bright spot was Porter’s goal that if scored in the Premier would probably be candidate for goal of the season. From where we were stationed it looked top left corner from when it left his boot.
Did management recognise that only a win would be any good to us at this late stage of the campaign? At no stage did we show the intensity or guile required to break down what was a very nervous looking Notts. County defence and an equally fallible looking goalie. All we persisted with was the ball bypassing the mid field for Porter to knock down….to who?
Even when County had settled for 2-1 and timewasting very early in the second half it took until 70 minutes to bring on Bonne and Fosu. Unfortunately, they never had the opportunity to get into the match and we conceded again and it could have been more if truth were told.
This must be one of the worst displays I have seen from a U’s side for many a year and was not what 400+ travelling supporters expected or deserved. Roll on next season when we will hopefully keep some of our more important players fit for a whole season, unfortunately in Div.2
Strange but true.
at 18:59 10 Mar 2017

Recent U's fixture against Grimsby was played at their ground in...Cleethorpes!
Tomorrow, Cleethorpes Town play the 1st leg of their FA Vase fixture and their ground is in ...Grimsby!

Do U's pay sick pay?
at 17:18 19 Feb 2017

The unavailable list is getting pretty ridiculous now. More of concerns is that some of the recent arrivals have hardly set foot on the field of play. Are we suffering more injuries off the pitch rather than on it? Does anyone have the definitive list of sickies or alternatively those players that are actually available for selection, especially with the amount of fixtures in the next few weeks.
Well done Lincoln
at 14:38 18 Feb 2017

So proud of Lincoln today, just 20 miles up the road. What struck me most however about the game is what a seriously nasty bloke Joey Barton is!
Arsene Wenger to U's rumour.
at 18:37 17 Feb 2017

OK, it's me starting the rumour but I cannot understand why they would be trying to hound him out from the Gunners. Don't they appreciate what he has achieved over more than twenty years in the post? If as he says he will be managing next season "somewhere", Colchester is not such a big commute. I'm not saying our current manager is not do a reasonable job but what we need is a "name" with a proven track record to take us to another level.
An open letter to WessieHomesPete
at 15:00 3 Feb 2017

Please don't personal message me again. Anything you wish to say to me can be done through this board or not at all. I found your recent posts and latest message to be personally insulting but also sad in the extreme, hence I have copied it below.
You wrote "What is your problem, Gerry?

You're coming across as a weird caricature .. You have some vendetta and I don't get it.
Norwich is treating me royally. Braintree want to give me a full season ticket. Stanway Rovers want me to attend and write about em.
Norwich is already spending about £1000 for hotel and tickets.
You do understand that there are actually clubs that want me and invite me.
Keep attacking me. It comes across as petty.
I can always re-register under another username, brother.
P." Unquote.

The fact that you have been invited to Stanway Rovers is mighty impressive. Hope you will mention my playing career with them!
If you have all these clubs holding out their hands to you why do you persist in posting to a site that is relevant only to the U's who you obviously hate so much?
I do not have a vendetta with you. I also do not regret the many hundreds of miles detour to visit you in Des Moines, Iowa. We were two guys in the US with a common interest. Regrettably the IowaPete that I met then is far removed from the WessieHomesPete of today.
Yes, you have had your share of heartache but no more than any other posters on this site, and that includes me recently. I choose not to post in these circumstances.
As far as your aborted trip to Scunthorpe match you just didn't turn up...despite my arrangements to pick you up, provide you with accommodation and a return trip to Essex.
Your continued diatribe on virtually anything and anybody has now become tiresome in the extreme. Even your posts about leaving the board are followed by numerous unrelated posts. What do you actually mean by "I am leaving this board for good?"
You have single handedly reduced the "Usual" board to a site that nobody now enjoys. What happened to the likeable IowaPete and the Usual board of ten years back?
I have no doubt that I will receive back the normal insults from you as usual but will be interested to see if fellow posters share my frustration of you ruining what has been in the past a unique and amiable board which regrettably it no longer is in my view.
I have posted very little over the past months since our last spat and will probably post even less in the future. Maybe you will have to find someone else to vent your insults.
An apology..............................
at 21:34 11 Dec 2016 particular to MFB for deserting the Happy League. I have explained to him separately that I have become totally disillusioned with the general tone of the board over the past few months, so MFB, ‘I officially withdraw from the league’, you do not have to invoke the rules. I hope many of you will also share my feelings that the board has been used for reasons other than that which was envisioned when it started many years ago. I have been posting for over ten years but only recently we have been subjected to the type of vitriolic and abusive posts that have no place here. I regret that recently I also stooped down to that level in one particular reply and that mistaken post I regret greatly. It is for this reason that I have not been posting in the past few weeks and have since withdrawn from Happy League, Happy Cup and the NFL prediction league. I will also not be posting in the immediate future unless or until the board returns to a more acceptable standard. It is a great pity that our moderator has allowed some posts; mine included; and has failed in the object to allow all the members of the Usual board to have reasonable and interesting dialogue without the abuse and sometimes downright unacceptable content. I sincerely hope that in the future I feel able to return to the board but until the monopoly of the board of one particular member is dramatically reduced or removed I feel unable to either partake or be interested especially for the fear I may be inclined to again, regret a further right of reply.
at 18:41 19 Nov 2016

I for one am heartily sick of WHP's continued diatribe on almost every post on this board. I know I will open myself to his right of reply but as I will be blocking him immediately he has had his "right to reply" I will have to suffer no further.
I personally was extremely disappointed when he was (in my view) allowed back on the board but was prepared to accept what I assumed was a majority to give him "another chance".
I did however take the decision to not take part in his NFL comp this year and now am officially withdrawing from the Happy Cup but with much regret
This board has been a great pleasure over the many seasons for genuine U's supporters and during good and bad times. If Pete wishes to support Norwich then so be it. We will survive no doubt and will continue with generally positive discussion points despite the current difficulties and without personal attacks, extreme comments or racist views.
That's it from me. No doubt others will have similar or conflicting views. That is everyone's prerogative.
New line up tomorrow.
at 20:08 21 Oct 2016

From England Ladies report tonight..
"England women 0-0 France women
Posted at 2 mins
England are in fact playing 4-42."
Definitely worth a try tomorrow.
I'm back.............
at 14:54 19 Oct 2016

.....and what a miserable return for the U's during my time out of the country.

P5 W0 D2 L3 Pts 2 Goals for 2 against 6 and that does not include the recent Mickey Mouse Cup result.

Normally my departure from these shores bring a string of good results. What happened? Are the U's currently as abject as results tend to show or is this just a "temporary blip"?
Manchester Derby
at 12:45 10 Sep 2016

In my day it meant somthing. Not any more sadly. How many English players featuring?
I hasten to say discuss.
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