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Marvin Sordell
at 16:38 29 Jul 2019

How terrible that this young man has decided to retire from football at the age of 28 as a result of mental health issues arising from racial abuse and bullying in the game!

He was never going to rise to the heights of Premier League superstars, but, with his talent and skills, he should have had a reasonably lucrative career in the lower leagues.

It is such a sad comment on our society and in particular the game that we love.

Best wishes for the future Marvin.
Hurst Out. Lambert in at Ipswich (n/t)
at 17:05 25 Oct 2018

Wenger to manage U's?
at 17:30 20 Apr 2018

A direct swap with McGreal going to Arsenal?
Happy Christmas
at 11:48 25 Dec 2017

Wishing a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to U's fans everywhere.

My personal wish is for peace everywhere on Earth. Unlikely, but if we don't want it, we won't get it.

Up the U's
at 15:44 9 Oct 2017

In the days of Fred and Hazel, Mrs. PWK and I used to be lunchtime regulars at the Brickies, but haven't been back since it temporarily closed. Some questions for any of you who may still go there.
What's it like now (atmosphere, noise, service etc.)?
Do they still have a good range of well-kept real ales?
What about lunchtime food? (the ham egg and chips used to be brilliant).
Any comments will be gratefully received.

Chuck Berry
at 22:20 18 Mar 2017

R.I.P. Great Man. Thanks for all the great music.
Quick Question, please.
at 19:04 27 Nov 2016

In Luke Prosser's absence, who is captaining the side?
What Next?
at 18:15 12 Nov 2016

At 3.00pm on 6th May 2007, the U’s kicked off against Crystal Palace at Layer Road. If we had won, and other results gone in our favour, there was an arithmetical, albeit unrealistic, chance that we could have made the play-offs for the Premiership.

The club had even written to the Premier League asking, if promoted, for permission to play one season at Layer Road, while out new stadium was under development.

That was May 2007. Two months later in July 2007, Mr. Cowling replaced Peter Heard as Chairman of the club.

Less than a decade later, and under Mr. Cowling’s stewardship, we find ourselves just one point (and with our usual inferior goal difference) and one position above the relegation zone to the National League.

Mr. Cowling cannot be blamed for all our ills – the Fair Play finance system for example, has worked against us. Nor do I think that he doesn’t care about the first team. But I do think that he should take an urgent, long, hard look at our situation and develop a short-term plan for survival, and mid-term and long term plans for future success.

I would like, at least, to have a statement from the club as to what happens next. Fat chance, I suspect!
The U's and League 2
at 17:47 22 Oct 2016

My hope that the U's would spend no longer than one season in League 2 looks like it may be fulfilled. Regrettably, our escape looks as if it may be through the trapdoor rather than the fanlight.
at 23:28 16 Feb 2016

I have a nasty cough, so thought it unwise to go out into the cold air tonight. Did I miss much?
"Brown takes himself out of the running"
at 15:39 17 Dec 2015

Be honest. Who saw that one coming?
Inevitable after his post match comments
at 12:13 26 Nov 2015

Irrespective of TH's performance and record, and whatever the provocations, no chairman of any company or football club could tolerate the comments made by his manager in public criticism of their paying customers.
Scorers Everywhere!
at 18:07 15 Aug 2015

Have you noticed how many former (and 1 current) U's players scored this afternoon?

Ibehre, 3, (Carlisle)
Henderson (Rochdale)
James (Orient)
Cureton (Daggers)
Vose (Wrexham)
Mills (Forest)
Holman (Woking)

Just an observation!

Back from hols now, so will get to my first match of the season on Tuesday. Let's hope we can kick-start our season with a decent win.
After PNE
at 01:25 1 May 2015

Do you regulars have any plans for a glass of lemonade (or stronger) after the match? If so, where and when? I'd like to join you for a small libation if possible.
61 Years Ago today.........
at 07:56 3 Apr 2015

3rd April 1954, and a significant point in my life. I was 7 (so now you can work out how old I am) and my Dad and my Uncle took me to my very first match to see the U's at Layer Road. A 1-1 draw with Brighton. We kids were allowed under the metal rail (no white wall then) to sit on the shingle surrounding the pitch. I didn't know which team was which, but everyone was cheering for the team in blue and white stripes, so I did, too. The ball had a lace, I remember.

The crowd was 8,282 (I had to look that up) for a re-election battle, but we ended up having to apply for re-election to Div3 (south) with Walsall, anyway.

The team for nostalgia buffs (I had to look this up, too) in proper 2-3-5 formation was:
Goal: George Wright (wearing a green roll-neck jumper and no silly number on his back).

2. Right Back: John Harrison.
3. Left Back: Fred Lewis.

4. Right Half: Bert Hill (who scored).
5. Centre Half: Reg Stewart (who else?).
6. Left Half: Jimmy Elder.

7. Outside Right: Augie Scott.
8. Inside Right: Bob Dale.
9. Centre Forward: Ken Plant.
10. Inside Left: Johnny McKim.
11. Outside Left: Doug Keene.

It seemed only the no 4 and no 6 were allowed to take throw-ons and only the nos 7 and 11 were allowed to take corners.

Well, for better or worse, the day changed my life forever. I wouldn't have been in touch with you boys and girls, otherwise, would I?

Play up, play up, the U's and good luck today.
[Post edited 3 Apr 2015 7:59]
Well Done BBC2
at 21:46 15 Feb 2015

For showing a repeat of the highlights of U's v Leeds United this morning. Ah memories!
Can someone help me with a question that I can't answer, please.
at 18:29 15 Feb 2015

My son-in-law, who is an Ipswich Town supporter (but, then, my daughter hasn't read my will) has asked me why the U's are called the Eagles. And I don't know.

I know that the old Colchester Town amateurs were called "The Oysters", but to me the U's we always just "the U's" and nothing more.

But I lived in Glasgow for about 15 years, and when I came back to Colchester, the U's had become "the Eagles".

How and why did that happen?
[Post edited 15 Feb 2015 18:37]
Now, Here's A Thought
at 01:09 26 Oct 2014

In our promotion season, 2005/6, after a poor start to the season, after 15 games, we were lying 16th in the table with 18 points and a -2 goal difference.

Tonight, we are 14th, with 17 points and a -1 GD.

Can history repeat itself? Or have I had one nightcap too many?
U's Best Strike Partnership?
at 15:18 21 Sep 2014

The U's having struggled to find the net this season made me wonder which was the best strike partnership we've had. The following come to mind:

Kevin McCurley and Ken Plant
Neil Langman and John Evans
Bobby Hunt and Martyn King
Ray Crawford and Dave Smith
Roy McDonough and Mike Masters
Chris Iwelumo and Jamie Cureton

As and old-timer, I just favour King and Hunt over Iwelumo and Cureton. But what do others think? And are there any I haven't included or didn't see while I was living away?
Brazil 1 Germany 7
at 12:16 9 Jul 2014

Deja Vu! 0-5 at half-time; 1-7 final score; home team playing in yellow shirts. 8th August 2009 at Carrow Road, Norwich City 1 U's 7.
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