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How common are muggings in Colchester ?
at 22:17 7 Dec 2020

What with the BLM narrative - of which I personally feel has been high jacked by the looney left and other back door sneaks - in fact a lot of my black mates don’t give it the time of day as they realise what’s happening ...I ask the title thread question.

Because my ex wife was attacked in Grinstead by two knife welding Eastern European’s a few days ago - suffered a cut to the hand actually.

Made off with her shopping.

To me the influx of these types have really put us under a dark cloud and they are everywhere in London.

I don’t mind admitting I would have hunted them down if I wasn’t of the Christian persuasion ..

What has it got to do with BLM ? Not sure - maybe I’m connecting the old idea that only blacks get bad press for criminal activity and the subsequent booing might have racial over tones - and for some it might - but for others they don’t want to be dictated to for not complying with the knee.
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Colchester United v Derby County revisited
at 21:43 19 Nov 2020

Only played each other 5 time’s

Both won 2 games so deadlocked

I went to both games in 2006 at Layer Road

3-1 and 4-3 respectively and I stormed the Derby Coach after the FA cup game to berate the players

What great atmospheres especially the first game.

14 years ago - blimey

The clock is ticking

All I know is people will never ever again experience the great football atmospheres

That’s the way it goes

Nothing lasts forever. 🙌
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BARSIDE CUP final on Boxing Day
at 23:30 18 Nov 2020

Peter - this is in your memory - love him or not - he was part of us for a time ...🙌

RIP. Mate

MFB v GSY163

The fixtures

Fulham v Southampton
Manchester City v Newcastle
West Ham v Brighton
Sheff Utd v Everton
Wolves v Tottenham

No replays - first to post wins if a draw

All the best guys
BARSIDE CUP semi results
at 22:33 14 Nov 2020

A late Hull 2nd goal snatches MFB the win ...

MFB v Burnsie 3-2
GSY v Blue 2-0

The final to be announced ..date etc

Hard luck losers


MFB v GSY163

Did any of you two guys ever get to meet Pete ?
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BARSIDE memorial cup semi final draw
at 00:45 25 Oct 2020

Semi final draw

MFB v BurnsieEspania

GSY163. v Blue4u2

Fixtures and date to follow ...
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BARSIDE cup - round 2 draw
at 16:56 4 Oct 2020

GSY v Des the Gooner
MFB v Daniel
FatGooner v Blue4u2
concordman V BurnsieEspania
BARSIDE PETE cup results round 1
at 17:24 26 Sep 2020

BASHER 2010 3 v DestheGooner 4
GHughes11 2 v BurnsieEspania 2
GSY 4 v BFG 1
MFB 5 v NOAH 4
Daniel 5 v Durham 2
FatGooner 6 v OxColU 2
Thrillseeker 2 v Blue4u2 6
BlueEagle 2 v concordman 2

Some very good and close matches here

Well done the victors - especially the 6 hitters in a tough week.

Those requiring a replay please post scores here

Here are your fixtures

Brentford v Preston
Reading v Watford
Leeds v Man City

In the event of a further draw - first to post wins

Happy League memories and stats
at 18:25 24 Aug 2020

Who can forget the devastating season 14 when MFB our greatest ever player won EVERYTHING on offer ..

It will never happen again - incredible !! (It is noted he has drawn a blank on all fronts in the past 3 seasons as NOAH has stepped up)

Top 4 players of all



Mr Happy/Thehappygooner

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THE PRESIDENTS BARSIDE PETE MEMORIAL CUP - Happy League - addition - do apply.
at 00:23 31 Jul 2020

As we have battled through Covid I am
Introducing a new competition more akin to the old Happy cup as a one off knock out for next season. This will not go towards any historic points in the Happy League - but will be logged for posterity. It is a simple gesture of thanks to all participators over the years. This is a ONE off memorial cup/competition ..

This is in memory of our departed Yankee brother Peter who I had met on several occasions and found him to be a most generous man.

The prize is £50 and will buy 2 tickets for a Colchester United match in 2021 a choice of 3 matches or £25 cash.

I will not be entering myself (unless rule 743 needs to be activated) but my partner Gooner will enter as himself. (Who also knew Pete).

Do indicate your interest and entry - thank you

* rule 743 shortage of player ..


Mr Happy - your president.

RIP Peter mate. You were unique. You were like Marmite. I like Marmite.

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Nottingham Forest
at 23:51 22 Jul 2020

Colchester United / the truth about the stadium - Happy or otherwise
at 17:08 19 Jul 2020

As the voting suggests the old stadia had something that can never be replicated unfortunately

Ask anyone

West Ham

And my own lot at Derby

The baseball ground was simply exciting

Nothing lasts forever

That’s life all over .

Savour the memories chaps

PS somehow the poll went missing

77% in favour of layer Road
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Who was or is the Greatest player of all time ?
at 21:59 7 Jul 2020

Who was or is the Greatest player of all time ?

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The HappyGooner 3 year plan ...
at 01:48 28 Jun 2020

Year one
Charity shield winner
Cup winner

Year two
4th in the Prem

Year three
Facing the trap door

It’s been a rollercoaster ..😬
Durham a founder member on the verge after being in the wilderness !
at 03:04 26 Jun 2020

Yes - a hairsbreath from winning the Happy Cup after 14 barren seasons

Bish Bosh Basher2010
at 20:07 23 Jun 2020

Relatively new player but won 2 trophies last year

Now looking odds on for promotion

Good chance of doing damage with the big boys next year

Well done

Ark at Noah
at 20:04 23 Jun 2020

From a player who was deemed an also ran for years - the last 3 seasons have been a revelation and now on the verge of a first - holding onto the title and that’s never been done before.

Amazing recent record

Could suddenly propel into top 4 of all
Time ...

[Post edited 23 Jun 2020 20:05]
Gerry ...
at 19:25 22 Jun 2020

3 finals in 16 seasons

Losses in the Various Happy Cups - in the league non existent

Success starved fans

The interviewers classic question

How does that make you feel ?

😁 Mr 1-0 Happy
I have a 1-1 urge for tonight’s game - what’s yours ??
at 11:52 22 Jun 2020

I have a 1-1 urge for tonight’s game - what’s yours ??

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The History of the Happy League - How it happened
at 13:45 7 Jun 2020

15 years ago a wandering cockney who supported Derby County from the inner cities upped sticks and moved his family
to Colchester in search of cheaper housing and a safer environment to bring up kids - and even though my marriage didn’t work out in the end and I found myself returning to the smoke after several years - I did leave a lasting legacy.

Having gone incognito on football hooligan sites for banter etc I thought how about starting a football prediction league - and somehow I stumbled upon THE USUAL.

In no time it was born - a divine appointment

Founder members included Wessex and Durham along with the late BarsidePete RIP

We had just 6.

Then it exploded ....

Mr Happy 😃. Is his name

Your president ...

Bless you all and now it is in the safe hands of a Col U diehard MFB and our best player ever- it will continue forever I should imagine ..

Thank you Daniel for accommodating me.
What are REALLY missing ?
at 18:27 25 May 2020

What are REALLY missing ?

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